CHS football assistant, Jacob Walker announces move

Claiborne High School assistant football, track and wrestling coach Jacob Walker recently announced he has accepted a new position at North Lincoln High. He is married to Anna Beth and the two have one child Madison Faith. Jacob wrote a statement to The Zone saying:

“Allen thanks for all you have done for the kids on helping get their names out and it saddens me on one to leave a chapter of our lives that has a special place in our heart, on another end it excites me to start a new chapter closer to family. I have accepted a new position at North Lincoln high school in North Carolina teaching and coaching. Claiborne has been a special place to me and my family and one that has included ups and downs, wins and losses, many seniors, many memories, many friends/families, and so much more. To everyone who has been apart of lives I want to say thank you for treating two outsiders with such love and respect and bringing us in as your own. It’s been a really hard day telling everyone as we are so close to many. We love every memory we have here and will for sure be visiting as much as we can. we have the opportunity to raise our daughter a lot closer to family and be more involved in their lives which is going to be great for our daughter. Claiborne county has helped shape our careers and help mold us into who we have become.

To Claiborne county we love you and grateful for your impact in our lives. Hopefully you will have us back to visit. I will always root from North Carolina for them Claiborne bulldogs.”  -Jacob Walker

Photo courtesy of family.

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