Cumberland Gap Middle School football advances to championship with win over HMMS

Cumberland Gap Middle hosted Horace Maynard Middle in the playoffs for middle school football, October 20.
It was a cool night when the teams took the field, and it didn’t take long for the Panthers to score. Pearman found the end zone for Cumberland Gap from six yards out and also completed the two-point conversion. The Panthers were up 8-0 over Horace Maynard with 3:07 left in the first quarter. The defense played well and gave the ball back to the offense.  Cumberland Gap was driving and were deep into the red zone as the first quarter came to an end up 8-0 over Horace Maynard.
Weaver then went 8-yards for a touchdown around the left side of the line. Pearman took in another two-point conversion, and the Panthers were up 16-0 with 7:52 left in the first half. Cumberland Gap then had an 88-yard touchdown run by Tinnel just before the end of the half called back by a penalty for a blind side block. Cumberland Gap led Horace Maynard 16-0 at the half.
Horace Maynard finally found the end zone from four yards out and the two-point conversion pass was good; however, the Panthers still led 16-8 with 3:34 left in the third quarter. Tinnel had another touchdown run called back by a penalty just before the end of the third quarter for the Panthers. Cumberland Gap led 16-8 at the end of the third quarter. The then Panthers faced a third down just outside of the red zone and the third time was the charm for Tinnel as he finally made it into the end zone without a penalty, this time from 25 yards out. Pearman completed the two-point conversion. The Panthers led 24-8 over Horace Maynard with 7:10 left in the game.
That was it for the scoring as Cumberland Gap topped Horace Maynard, 24-8 and advanced to the championship against either Cherokee or Jacksboro.
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