Cumberland Gap hosts Claiborne tennis, CHS’s Eli England wins 91st match.

March 14- Cumberland Gap tennis hosted Claiborne.

On a very beautiful but windy evening at Cumberland Gap High School, the two tennis teams from Claiborne and Cumberland Gap faced off with each other. The matches began with doubles play followed by singles. Number one and number two, Eli England and Jaylen Green defeated Tyler Anderson and Kolton Goins 6-1 in doubles play. On the girl’s side, it was Ily Bussell and Tayla McNally defeating Alex Snodgrass and Kayden Ramsey, 6-2.

In singles action, Eli England won his 91st high school match taking down Tyler Anderson, 6-0. Kolton Goins took down Jaylen Green, 7-6. Micah Payne and Jake Johnson battled with Johnson winning, 6-0.  In girls’ singles, it was Jaelynn Jones defeating Ily Bussell 6-4. Tayla McNally defeated Alex Snodgrass, 6-3. Maddie Ayers took down Kayden Ramsey, 6-2. Pierce Taylor defeated Emma Raby, 6-3. Gracyn Raby defeated Mya Corra, 6-4. Izabelva Ester lost to McKenna Heck, 6-1. Photos by The Zone- AE. Tennis news provided by Lester’s Fabrication.




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